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21K Pitching Program Agreement



It is agreed by and between NF Softball Performance, LLC (hereinafter referred to as "NF Softball”), located at 1391 NW 3rd St, Linton, IN 47441, and client (hereinafter referred to as "Member”), the undersigned Member (or Parent/Guardian of Member if she is under 18 years old) is purchasing a membership from NF Softball according to the terms and conditions as stated in this Membership Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "Agreement”). 

If the client is under 18, the Agreement must be completed by a Parent/Guardian of the Member.

Please review this Agreement thoroughly, as it is a legal contract between NF Softball and its Members. By using the services offered at NF Softball, members agree to this Agreement's terms.


PAYMENT SUMMARY: Yearly memberships are paid in advance monthly by the 25th of each month for 12 total months. Payments may be made online via debit or credit card or at the facility by check or cash.

LEGACY MEMBER:  Legacy Members participated in the 21K Pitching Program in the Fall and/or Winter session of 2021-2022.  These Members are locked into a $150 per month membership fee.  If a Legacy Member cancels their yearly membership, they will be subject to pay the New Member fee if they decide to return to the yearly 21K Pitching Program.


DEFAULT PAYMENT: The monthly dues membership carries an obligation to pay with it. Should the Member default on any payment obligation as called in this Agreement, the member’s account will be immediately suspended, pending the member updating their payment information and their membership dues paid in full. Any costs incurred by the default payment, including but not limited to collection agency fees, court costs, and attorney’s fees, will be paid by Member.


LATE PAYMENT:  Should any monthly payment become 15 days past due, the Member will be charged a late fee of $30 to cover additional administrative expenses related to obtaining the Member's payments.  Payment of this Agreement contract will need to be made regardless of the use of the services or facility.


You may cancel this agreement without any penalty or further obligation within three (3) business days of the signing date. Cancellation must be a written email and meet the deadline.


The reasons listed below satisfy the early termination of the 12-month Membership Agreement contract.

  1. If Member moves residence to a location more than forty-five miles from the NF Softball facilities.

  2. If Member has a medical condition stated by a physician that inhibits Member from completing the remaining term of her membership agreement term. A letter signed and dated by Member's primary doctor/physician that states that Member is unable to complete any and all training at NF Softball's facility for the remainder of Member's membership Agreement term is required. Upon providing this letter, a refund of the remaining Agreement balance shall be deemed due and payable by NF Softball to Member.

  3. In case of the Member’s death, the Member's estate may cancel the Agreement.

  4. If Member becomes significantly physically or medically disabled for over three months.

  5. If NF Softball facilities are unavailable to Member because the owner permanently discontinues operation or substantially changes the facility's operation or location.

Should the Member cancel their membership within their Membership Agreement term and not satisfy any of the stated conditions above, the remaining balance of the Agreement shall not be refunded to the Member

WRITTEN NOTICE FOR CANCELLATION: You must provide NF Softball written notice via e-mail of your intent to cancel no less than twenty (20) business days before the due date of your next billing payment. Failure to provide timely notice will result in a charge for the total amount of your next billing payment. The cancellation will take effect the subsequent month. For example, if you cancel on the 20th of August, you will be billed for September since you did not provide twenty (20) days written notice before the billing date (the 25th of each month).

If, at the time of receipt of your cancellation notice, you have outstanding payments owed to NF Softball, these payments must be made in full for the Membership Agreement to be considered canceled. Suppose you fail to pay the outstanding amounts owed. In that case, your membership will be considered suspended, the Membership Agreement will not be canceled, and NF Softball reserves the right to pursue additional avenues or means to receive monies owed.



RESERVING CLASSES: Members are solely responsible for booking and canceling their classes.  Schedules for the Fall, Winter, & Summer sessions will be provided to members at least a month in advance. Members may reserve class spots through email.

PRIVATE SESSION CLASS REPLACEMENT:  The Member may replace four (4) weekly group classes with one (1) private session each month.  The Member must contact NF Softball to schedule the private session in advance before attending any group classes.  If the Member has attended a group class for the month, they will not be eligible for a private session that month.

MAKEUP CLASSES & SESSIONS:  Makeup classes and sessions will not be available if a Member cannot attend their scheduled class time.  However, there may be opportunities to fill vacant spots in other classes.

NO-SHOWS:  If you do not cancel within the five (5) requisite day window and do not show up for your scheduled class, you will be charged a class session for the week or month if you are a no-show for a private session.


By signing this Agreement, Member acknowledges that they have read and agrees with this Agreement, which includes the current Membership Rules and Regulations, and a payment schedule.

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties and no other agreement or understanding exists between Member and NF Softball. NF Softball has made no express or implied warranties or representations, other than expressly set forth in this Agreement. Any conflict between the original document and any copy of the original shall be controlled by the original document.

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