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Hitting Pathway

3-months of 1:1 training focusing on building the hitter's foundation & passing Mechanics KPIs.


Players must pass their 1:1 Foundation KPIs before transitioning into group training.


"Adios My Friend"

All hitters must master the first phase to ensure proper body movements and foundation are learned before advancing to the next phase of the program. 


In the first phase, players will meet twice monthly and train 1:1 with an instructor.  Their hitting mechanics will be evaluated, and technical analysis will be provided. A training plan with drill videos will be customized for the athlete to complete at home.

Once the hitter passes their Foundation KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), they will transition into group training.

AMF Program

  • Phase 1: Foundation (1:1 Training)

  • Phase 2: Focus & Vision

  • Phase 3: Force & Power

  • Phase 4: Frame-of-Mind

AMF Class Structure

  • Monthly classes

  • 3-4 players per session

  • Structured curriculum & training plan

AMF Hitting: About
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