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Pitching Options

The Group pathway includes an
8-Week Onboarding Class
& the 21K Pitching Program.


3 & 6-month plans are available to fit the pitcher's goals & schedule.


The 21K Pitching Program is a yearly program for pitchers who aspire to pitch at a high level. They love their craft and want a plan to help them shatter benchmarks to be selected for premier teams.

This program is not for everyone. It takes commitment from the athlete and their family. If pitchers work their plan, they will eclipse velocity, command, and in-game performance benchmarks.

Are you still interested?​

The first step is completing and passing the 8-week onboarding class. This class allows pitchers to determine if they are committed to pitching at a high level. Pitchers are expected to train on their own to complete the weekly workouts and be active in our CoachNow training app.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) are used as benchmarks to let the pitcher know when she is ready to advance in her training. Before the athlete learns a movement pitch, she must master her fastball and change-up.  The KPIs let her know when both have been mastered. All classes have three to four KPIs that pitchers are trying to shatter! 

21K Class Structure

  • (4) Group Pitching Sessions monthly (1 hour per session).

  • Weekly Workouts/Bullpens with Drill Videos & Explanation.

  • CoachNow App (hosts training & monitors progress).

  • Technical Feedback & Analysis are provided through CoachNow App.

  • Individualized KPI & Benchmark monitoring.

  • Individualized development in Technical & Physical skills.

  • Mental Skills Workshops & Training.

  • 3-4 players per class

21K Pitching: About




Nicole knows what she is doing and will get you noticeable improvements quickly! Nicole uses multiple ways to get you to your goal like video feedback and at home workouts . You must be committed to doing your workouts & ready to learn, when you walk in the door. You will be held accountable!



Nicole has not only been a great pitching coach but a great role model.  Nicole has given our daughter the opportunity to be her best and pushes her to excel at high levels.  We love the on-site instruction Nicole provides along with the CoachNow app she uses to post her weekly training and feedback videos.  She's not only a pitching coach, but she also coaches the girls on having a healthy  attitude.

E & Me.jpeg


One of the MANY reasons we love Nicole. She videos and has them watch it back. Teaches them to critique themselves and tell her how they can fix things. She posts them in our app for us to look at and see growth over time. (Let me tell ya... there are some great videos from when each first started.)

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