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Pitching Options

The Group pathway includes an
8-Week Onboarding Class
& the 21K Pitching Program.


3 & 6-month plans are available to fit the pitcher's goals & schedule.


The 21K Pitching Program is a yearly program for pitchers who aspire to pitch at a high level. They love their craft and want a plan to help them shatter benchmarks to be selected for premier teams.

This program is not for everyone. It takes commitment from the athlete and their family. If pitchers work their plan, they will eclipse velocity, command, and in-game performance benchmarks.

Are you still interested?​

The first step is completing and passing the 8-week onboarding class. This class allows pitchers to determine if they are committed to pitching at a high level. Pitchers are expected to train on their own to complete the weekly workouts and be active in our CoachNow training app.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) are used as benchmarks to let the pitcher know when she is ready to advance in her training. Before the athlete learns a movement pitch, she must master her fastball and change-up.  The KPIs let her know when both have been mastered. All classes have three to four KPIs that pitchers are trying to shatter! 

21K Class Structure

  • (4) Group Pitching Sessions monthly (1 hour per session).

  • Weekly Workouts/Bullpens with Drill Videos & Explanation.

  • CoachNow App (hosts training & monitors progress).

  • Technical Feedback & Analysis are provided through CoachNow App.

  • Individualized KPI & Benchmark monitoring.

  • Individualized development in Technical & Physical skills.

  • Mental Skills Workshops & Training.

  • 3-4 players per class

21K Pitching: About
  • How do I register for the 8-week Mechanics Class?
    To register: click on Book Online at the top of the website: 1. Click “Book Online" at the top of the website. 2. From the Book Online page you can register for any available classes. 3. If no classes are available, you can fill out the Contact Us form to get on the waiting list.
  • What's the plan after this 8-week pitching course if my pitcher did not pass her KPIs?
    If your pitcher did not pass her three (3) KPIs for the Mechanics class in the first 8-weeks, that's okay! It is common for most pitchers to need an additional 8-weeks to master the fundamentals. Talk with Nicole about the player's progress and what her best option is moving forward.
  • What's the plan once my daughter has passed her Mechanics KPIs?
    After pitchers' "place-out" of the Mechanics Pitching Class they will have two options to continue their training at NF Softball. 1) Group Instruction - 21K Yearly Program 2) 1:1 Individual Instruction The pitcher's goals and learning style will determine which option will help her progress the best. Both options utilize the Key Performance Indicators as the pathway for elite-level pitching and will require hard work. The attached image has more information about the options.
  • What is included in the 21K Pitching Program?
    There are two components to the yearly pitching program: 1) Group Training & 2) Individual Feedback & Monitoring. The two videos below shows how we utilize the CoachNow App for both components. Group Training Individual Training
  • What is the schedule for the 21K yearly program?
    Our program uses a training principle known as periodization. Periodization is when training changes based on where the athlete is at in the season (pre-season, in-season, late-season, off-season). Periodization divides the year-round training program into phases of training that focuses on different goals. When done properly the athlete will reach her peak performance at post-season and will limit fatigue and injury. We have scheduled time off during the year that promotes recovery and enhances performance. We do NOT pitch 52 weeks of the year. However, we promote proper recovery methods, such as mobility exercises and myofascial release, that need to be conducted during "off" weeks. Again, everything has a purpose - even our scheduled time off. Scheduled Time Off: 11 weeks will be taken off from physical lessons. August (1 week off) October (2 weeks off) November (1 week off) December (3 weeks) March (1 week off) May (1 week off) July (2 weeks off) January - March Training: Athletes will train 2x per week from January - March. This is a critical time of year for “strength & power” gains going into season. The 2x per week training will offset the costs of “taking” 11-weeks off throughout the year.
  • Will my child get burned out with training for a year?
    The scheduled time off and periodization of the training will combat burn out. However, player check-ins are conducted often to make sure the athlete is healthy - physically, mentally, and emotionally. Below are common causes for athlete burnout and ways we work to support the athlete holistically. Internal Causes: Perfectionism, high expectations, or loss of love for the sport The Mental Skills training that will be conducted throughout the year will help athletes cope with these internal struggles. External Causes: Physical exhaustion, excessive time commitments and sometimes injury. Scheduled time off within the program and periodization of training will make sure the athlete is PHYSICALLY RESTED and at their peak for competition.
  • How are payments made for the program?
    Once the athlete signs the 12-Month Agreement they will be sent an invoice for a recurring plan. Each month, for 12-months, the credit card on file will be charged.
  • What if there are months we cannot do group sessions?
    Athletes who are not able to make group training for the month will receive one (1) Private Lesson during that month instead of weekly group sessions. That lesson will be scheduled based on the athlete's availability. Athletes will still receive the benefits of the group training: Weekly Bullpens with Videos Technical Feedback Mental Skills Training Workshops with professionals in nutrition & sports medicine Guidance with College Recruitment (if requested) Athletes are expected to send drill videos for feedback as well.
  • What is the 21K Pitching Program Pathway?
    The majority of pitchers have a desire to be great. However, few are willing to do the day-to-day grind to achieve it. This pathway helps athletes celebrate the small wins and keeps them motivated to achieve their dream goals.
  • What is the CoachNow App?
    CoachNow is an awesome app we use to capture progress, streamline communication, & optimize feedback! Watch the video to understand more on how the CoachNow App is utilized in the Mechanics Class.
  • How do I use the analysis feature in the CoachNow app?
    Teaching is knowing, which is why I ask my students to critique their own mechanics. Here is a video explaining how to use the analysis feature in the CoachNow app.
  • At what age should a pitcher start taking lessons?
    Giving a player 6-12 months to learn and develop before pitching in their first game is a good rule of thumb. Players who have not trained properly before being placed on the mound during a game risk injury and mental set-backs with confidence. On the other hand, training too early can cause burn out. Players need game time to enjoy the fruits of their labor and gain feedback on what they need to continue working on. Pitching takes hard work and time. Plan ahead and give your player an advantage.
  • Why do you not offer single-session lessons?
    Single-session lessons do NOT work long-term. They are a quick-fix approach and I take a very hard stance by refusing to offer them. To truly impact an athlete's performance, you need long-term programming that varies in intensity and repetition based on the competitive season. Periodization in training allows the athlete to peak at the right time while reducing injury & burnout.
  • What are KPIs?
    KPIs stand for Key Performance Indicators. They measure progress towards key pitching goals. This is VERY different from pitching statistics, which is results based and not progress based. Successful pitchers are able to get their bodies in a proper position and spin the ball correctly. The first KPI, measures the pitchers ability to do so. Each KPI builds on the next. Allowing pitchers to grade their progress and "take small bites of the elephant". Occasionally pitchers try to create short-cuts and jump ahead. A pitcher may be able to throw 7/10 strikes, but poor mechanics will keep them from commanding their Fastball in the next phase of pitching. This is why KPIs have a high-level perspective. 10U pitchers may get by with throwing the ball down the middle of the plate, but by 12U, pitchers on high-level teams will eat that pitch! Every KPI builds on the next throughout their entire pitching career.




Nicole knows what she is doing and will get you noticeable improvements quickly! Nicole uses multiple ways to get you to your goal like video feedback and at home workouts . You must be committed to doing your workouts & ready to learn, when you walk in the door. You will be held accountable!



Nicole has not only been a great pitching coach but a great role model.  Nicole has given our daughter the opportunity to be her best and pushes her to excel at high levels.  We love the on-site instruction Nicole provides along with the CoachNow app she uses to post her weekly training and feedback videos.  She's not only a pitching coach, but she also coaches the girls on having a healthy  attitude.

E & Me.jpeg


One of the MANY reasons we love Nicole. She videos and has them watch it back. Teaches them to critique themselves and tell her how they can fix things. She posts them in our app for us to look at and see growth over time. (Let me tell ya... there are some great videos from when each first started.)

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