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Transformational | Not Transactional

Traditional Lessons do not get results, so I refuse to offer single-session instruction.  The Connected Coaching approach is designed to overcome the obstacles of time and location to support the pitcher's continued development.  If you live outside the driving distance for an in-person lesson or are a multi-sport athlete who cannot meet regularly for instruction, then Connected Coaching is for you!

Connected Coaching offers different plans to fit the pitcher's goals.  Each plan will require the athlete to be focused and committed to completing their training.  If the athlete is unwilling to work on their craft at home, this program is not for them.

All Plans include:

  • CoachNow App Space

  • Pitching Technical Feedback & Analysis

  • Training Workouts with Drill Videos

  • 2 Private Pitching Instruction Sessions per month

Connected Coaching: About
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