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VICTORY Mental Skills Training

June 2022 Cohort

Training to help you shatter college benchmarks so you can get recruited.



Too often the athlete is only being trained on their technical skills negating other important areas such as mental skills and the knowledge on how to improve focus, emotional controlconfidence, and commitment to their training.

The VICTORY program is an online program that is geared for those seeking more knowledge on performance psychology and how they can gain an edge on and off the field.

The program has three phases that allow athletes to acquire knowledge, develop mental skills, and then implement those skills to enhance performance.

VICTORY Mental Skills Program:

  • Phase 1: Sport Psychology Orientation

  • Phase 2: Mental Skills Discovery & Development

  • Phase 3: Mental Skills Strategies & Implementation 

All training is completed virtually, eliminating time and location barriers.  The Zoom Webinars will be held on specific days and times for athletes to attend, but will also be recorded for the athlete to review at other times through the CoachNow group space.

Course Structure:

  • 8-Week Virtual Course.

  • 8 Virtual Webinars held on the same day & time each week.

  • Recorded Sessions for athletes & parents to view at anytime.

  • VICTORY Academy CoachNow space to communicate with instructors and receive educational material.


Available for Download


Mental Skills Training

Attached is an overview of what will be discussed and taught in the VICTORY Mental Skills program.

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